Welcome to The Next Journey!


Hi!  We’re Darin and Natalie and though we live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, the photo above was taken at one of our most memorable places on earth (Self Portrait at Makena Point, Maui, Hawaii).

Our journey began over 20 years ago, when we met one another in college… Since then, we’ve celebrated 15 years of marriage, traveled to more than 50 countries together, struggled with infertility, experienced the joy of a long awaited pregnancy, suffered the loss of our daughter to stillbirth at 30 weeks, sought out and found a new path on our journey for a family, and expanded our family with a son in 2014 and a daughter in 2017 through adoption.

The journey continues for us — as we explore new careers, transforming an amazing house into our family’s forever home, continue to travel — near, far, and everywhere in between, raise two kids, and work towards financial independence through smart planning and personal finance best practices.

So…  After all of this, what is The Next Journey for our family?  Even we don’t entirely know, but we look forward to wherever and whatever it may bring for us, our home, our travels, and our future.

Our immediate goals for the website:

  • Raising two kiddos under the age of 5 means that I’ve (Darin) gotten behind on a number of travel logs (yes, we have traveled a lot in the last 3 years!), so need to bring those in and publish some “new to you” entries to expand on the new locations we have added to our list of more than 100 global destinations, including several new countries on The Map.
  • With the sunset of Picasa (Google’s old web photo albums), it’s time to upgrade and enhance and support some new tech to bring each of these locations to life with more than 4,000 photos (will quickly surpass 5,000!) , highlighting the sights, people, and experiences of the journey.
  • With Natalie’s launch of her own travel consulting agency, it’s time to take the experiences we’ve had and help make your travel dreams become reality — Answering your questions and help you plan and deliver memorable travel itineraries for you!

In the meantime, we look forward to sharing our continued experiences (travel, adoption, life, home projects, and more!), hearing about yours, and hope that The Next Journey can be a partnership where ideas are shared, tips and tricks are exchanged, and we can all take something of benefit from the process.

So — Like Us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, Subscribe to the RSS Feed,or just contact us… However you wish to stay in touch, we look forward to building the conversation together.

Welcome and speak with you all soon!

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