The Grass is Greener …

The grass is always greener on the other side.  Or is it?  So many people spend their lives believing if something were different they would be happier.  If I had a — spouse, child, different job, different appearance, etc –, I would be happy.  But would you? As we enter into our sixth month of […]

The Power Of A Click… & A Request

What a difference the internet has made… For thousands of years, mankind has been hunting and gathering for food, developing unique solutions for locating, preparing, serving, and storing it.  Today, one mouse click at will have your entire grocery list selected by a cheerful team member, placed into color-coded bins, loaded onto a climate-controlled […]

Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time… These are timeless words that conjure up visions of a child’s bedtime story.  It is where tales of bravery, kingdoms, dragons, evil queens, poison apples, and chivalry blend with magic, imagination, and life lessons presented through beloved characters.  Filled with amazing twists and turns, they fill us with joy, suspense, and […]

Are We Pregnant?

It was a busy afternoon…  I was running around the house bouncing between phone interviews and working on several aspects of the adoption paperwork and our profile.  I was multitasking in overdrive as the downstairs telephone rang.  The caller ID flashed and the numbers didn’t have a chance to register before I hurriedly clicked the […]

Waiting to Wait

Patience is a virtue. Sadly, it is not one I possess. So the concept of waiting to wait is very difficult for me, to say the least. What is “waiting to wait?” As our previous posts explained, we went to the orientation, seminar, finished adoption education coursework, completed a stack of  paperwork, and had four […]

Introduction to Adoption: Part 2

February 7, 2012 As we were closing out our Bethany orientation, our leader identified that there was an 8 hour education seminar that all prospective adoptive parents must complete before being able to proceed to submission of an adoption profile (the final component required before you can be presented to expectant parents).  The seminar was […]

One Journey Ends… With Many More To Begin…

What a ride… 100 Days… 42,000+ Miles… 50+ TheNextJourney Posts… 1325 Pictures Posted Online… 6 Countries… 9 Rental Cars… 55 Days Onboard Ship… 20 Hotels, Motels, Hostels, and B&Bs… 24 Cruise Ports Of Call… 30+ Methods of Transportation (including Gondola, Jet Boat, Camel, Segway, & Bamboo Raft)… Countless New Experiences Had and New Friends Made… […]

The First Step…

Turning a dream into reality is not easy… Anyone that tells you otherwise is choosing to ignore many of the details between the start of the venture and when it all finally comes together, or is just plain lying to make you feel better about the process. Yes, there might be a moment of brilliant […]

Something More

This song has inspired me twice now.  Once when I left my job of five years to go back to school full time to get my MBA and now as we embark on our next journey.  I’m hoping that you can listen to the words and let it inspire you. I’m not recommending that anyone […]

For Us: A Journey of Significance

A little less than three years ago, we unknowingly began a 12 month journey that changed our lives forever. In September 2008, my father went into the hospital with kidney stone problems and never returned home.  I was daddy’s little girl.  He was retired my entire life and he was always there. The passing of […]