Good Things Come to Those Who Wait??

Different animals have different gestational periods. Opossums only have to wait 12-13 days for their off-spring to arrive. Asian Elephants, on the other hand, have to wait 616 days, or 20.5 months, before setting eyes on their child. So the question we are posing to you today is, how long will it take for us to see our child?

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4 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait??

  1. I have no idea how long it will be; however, whenever the time comes, it will be well worth the wait. That is the feeling I have.
    Love you……………

  2. I voted for the Baby Goat as we had pet Goats when I was a Baby and five months will give you plenty of time to get ready. And it gives me a month to get a new stocking ready! However, if it comes sooner, I will be that much happier! Love you–Aunt Mickey

  3. Trust me I know personally “The Wait” but it is so worth it…..both of your and your little ones wait is coming very soon…..:) I can just feel the Angels sending their messages……xxoo

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