The Day That Almost Doesn’t Exist…

The International Date Line has a way of seriously messing with your head…

Our flight takes off at 9:45pm on Tuesday, August 9th.  We arrive at 5:40am, Thursday, August 11th and yet, we’re only flying 13 hours.

This post pays a moment of tribute (because that is about all we will be able to experience of it) to Wednesday, August 10th, 2011.

I’m sure it will be a Wednesday like most others, and for our family and friends around the world, you will all experience it in its full and complete 24 hour glory.

We, on the other hand, will have to hand most of it (19 hours worth of time zone differential) away to begin our trip.  A small price to pay for the adventure to come…

4 thoughts on “The Day That Almost Doesn’t Exist…

  1. Your short Wednesday will give you back a longer day on the return, Darin, I hope it isn’t a Monday:) Many happy trails.

    1. Chris — You’re absolutely right and we can say that even in the first few hours, losing the day was a small price to pay for spending a great morning already in Auckland. Thanks for the comment and much more to come!

  2. We are so sorry to have missed your phone call from the future (given the International Date Line and all). We hope that you are doing wonderful and not too ICOBOTI (Internal Clock Off Because Of Traveling Internationally). CWW was amazing and I plan to upload all pics to Facebook today! Until we speak again ( or email, or Facebook, or Twitter), take care,

    Peace, Love, & Kiwis,

    Mike o’ and fam

    1. Hey Mike! Happy to report that the ICOBOTI is minimal, though we have actually been using it to our advantage, waking up early in the morning (with minimal pain) to see and explore as much as possible. Glad to hear that CWW was great and look forward to seeing the pics. Catch up with you all soon and make it a great week! — Darin & Natalie

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